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The more I research these companies, expose what they knew, and what they have ADMITTED to knowing on legally recorded phone calls - the more I fear for my life. If I am found dead PLEASE investigate these companies - their executives, lawyers, and "staff".

Over two dozen Blue Martini customers come forward to share their black-out stories.


Health Smart Corporate Cover-up for Blue Martini

Health Smart Active Payer List

What happened to me will unfold here as I have time to update this web page. I am sharing here to help protect the general public. I will not write anything here that is not true, and I am no longer afraid of further intimidation tactics from anyone associated with Blue Martini or Health Smart - legal or otherwise - because I am livid at what was allowed to happen to me by a bunch of arrogant profit driven business people looking to protect profits over the welfare of innocent customers. Is the systematic poisoning of customers part of their business model and 'cost of doing business'? Are they involved in these poisonings? I'll let your draw your own conclusions.

Why am I so angry? Very simple. What started with a simple friendly visit BACK to Blue Martini, after being poisoned, to inform the manager that I had been poisoned and robbed --- despicably and quickly , turned into an extremely defensive posture by Blue Martini, who - called their INSURANCE company Health Smart and their LAW firm to run to their defense. Huh!?

I simply wanted to inform Blue Martini so they could start working to protect other men and women from being poisoned like me! Instead I get the harshest treatment I could have ever imagined.

And because of that I have unearthed a dark culture that admits "they" KNOW this is happening- but refuses to do anything about it - except call on their insurance company and have their lawyer attempt to intimidate me.

I was viciously poisoned at Blue Martini on the night of December 7-8, and my nightmare continues.

For your own safety, DO NOT enter Blue Martini!

My full account of being poisoned at Blue Martini will be shared here in time - complete with all video and audio recordings.

I will try to start posting my carefully documented true story very soon - as soon as my health begins to improve.

At this moment I am very concerned about other innocent victims, and hope to protect, and warn others about a dangerous night that started within minutes of me entering Blue Martini.

My nightmare continues thanks to the remarkably-disturbing responses from employees at the Blue Martini corporate office and the Health Smart Corporation. And continued when I started receiving calls from Health Smart representative Marcie Smith, who claimed to REPRESENT Blue Martini. Then I received another call from Marcie Smith's supervisor, Brenda Fidalgo, who enlightened me about my poisoning with historical information which was VERY valuable. Furthermore, she offered an apology, I believe, after she realized she was in trouble. I will share with you this person's education background qualifications as it relates to her current position according to her LinkedIn profile - and how it relates to her attempt to provide me "legal opinions".

I will begin posting information to this mobile friendly web page for you all as soon as I am able. Information for the public-at-large will include a timeline of events, the fantastic response by my bank who was more concerned about my health than their investigation. The great assistance of the City of Miami Police department. The amazing support of my Doctor hours after I was poisoned. Accounts of witnesses. An Uber driver who saved my life. Employees of my condo building who rushed to my aide ............... and then there is Blue Martini & Health Smart .

You will soon hear many LEGALLY obtained recordings on this web site from many of the aforementioned entities who, willingly and knowingly, spoke to me in detail on recorded phone calls - many of these recordings helped to restore my faith in man-kind- while some of these recordings have only made this terrible experience even worse for me.

Again, I wish to thank my Doctor and his staff for his amazing care and treatment - the City of Miami Police for their prompt response and support of me - the Uber driver who has since offered his recorded account of that night, I credit him for saving my life that night. I also wish to thank the many other witnesses who have offered their support and testimony of that dangerous night - and also to those of you who have offered your prayers and support during this difficult time.

Thank you all! I promise to provide more information soon.

Mark Stadler - Health Smart Chief Marketing Officer - Twitter Account created September 2010. As of April 2016 this Chief Marketing Officer has 18 Followers. That's about 2 Followers per year (plus or minus 1). Laugh if you will BUT this helps explain the neglectful - incompetent - despicable- corporate culture that ultimately contributed to being poisoned - along with MANY others.
Tweet Suggestion #1: Is there a Chief Marketing Officer for Dummies book?

Tweet Suggestion #2: When the average "dummy" states in profile "broad expertise", what this may actually mean is the person is "excellent in every way" OR it could mean an expert at very little, has no idea what they're doing, is way over-rated, is faking it well in meetings, relies on experts to make them look good, is a fraud, lives in a house-of-cards, panics when someone exposes them and doesn't know how to respond so they just call their company lawyer to reply for them - like the dummy they confess to be in Tweets.

Although well over 148 character limit, this Tweet may not attract any new followers but it may get points for credibility.

More on the "CMO", "COO", "MDFM", "CCO & his wig", "CIO", "CPO", Garry Garrison & others, coming soon...

What happened.

At approximately 11:45 PM December 7 I walked over to Blue Martini from my Brickell apartment with the intent of having one quick drink before going back home to get ready for an early meeting the next morning.

I entered Blue Martini as I have done many times and sat at the end of the outdoor bar. Almost immediately a young woman positioned herself close to me while the Blue Martini bartender proceeded to ask me what I would like to drink. The bartender smiled at the young woman who was now standing close to me, but did not ask her if she wanted a drink. I found this strange - I now find it more than strange. Why? I find it strange the Blue Martini bartender did not ask this young lady whether or not she wanted a drink because:

    1. She was there without a drink -
    Bartenders "always" ask people standing at a bar without a drink if they would like a drink

    2. This person may have been the only African American at the bar.
    And she was not offered service at that moment in time. (fact)

    3. Why did the bartender look at this person - again without offering her a drink?

The Blue Martini bartender brought me a cocktail - smiled at me and smiled at the young woman again - still without asking the young woman if she wanted anything to drink. This young woman proceeded to engage me in small talk. And almost immediately my cognitive awareness quickly faded away. This no more than 5 to 10 min. after entering Blue Martini.

In other words. I walked into Blue Martini. I ordered ONE drink and almost immediately I was poisoned.

I would like to make very clear - I had absolutely no physical attraction whatsoever to this young woman who approached me. I had no emotional or physical desire to engage her on any level - other than to simply be cordial as I am with all strangers who say hello to me.

The rest of the events of that night are consistent with that of victims of a drug with the street name of "the most dangerous drug in the world" - "Devil's Breath" - or Scopolamine. As my doctor would confirm the next morning.

This drug is so powerful - that it can be mixed into a drink or blown into someone's face - and instantly the victim becomes powerless and will do whatever they are told to do. The victim is instantly transforms into a child like state of thinking, while still appearing normal. There are documented instances where the victim's genitals have been cut off while alert and awake - without objection - appearing 'normal' and cognitive while under the influence of this drug. Click for article.

Fortunately my genitals were not cut off - but I can assure you from this experience I fully understand why other victims willingly turn over all of their assets without reservation - and without any ulterior motive.

I would assume that those who witnessed my entering the bar and quickly leaving with a female would draw certain conclusions. I can assure you this was not the case. I left Blue Martini AGAINST MY WILL. And everything that happened after this, and into the next day happened - AGAINST MY WILL.

I have limited and select memory after being poisoned - consistent with Scopolamine victim testimonies, after being served ONE drink at Blue Martini.

To be continued... What happened in the hours after being poisoned. And what the police say happens "all the time at Blue Martini".

Update on Video 1/6/2016

Blue Martini continues to refuse to turn over video recording to me at the request of The City of Miami Police Department. Consistent with this previous law suit. Click here.

Now less than 30 days after I was poisoned 3 more reports of poisoning have surfaced. Each of which might have been prevented if Blue Martini had cooperated with this investigation.

To be clear the below news stories appear to show victims willing attempting to "take women home" and later being drugged. As I said above, this may have appeared to be the case with me, but this is NOT what happened to me. Once I was poisoned INSIDE Blue Martini ALL of my normal abilities to think rationally left me. And as the article above documents I was merely doing whatever I was told to do as I was being victimized - right under the watchful eyes of Blue Martini staff and management.

Over two dozen Blue Martini customers come forward to share their black-out stories

Warning issued 2/9/2016

Meet up group going to Blue Martini:

"I'm sorry to say I will NEVER go back to Blue Martini. I was poisoned/drugged there recently. And BlueMartini's lawyer just threatened me if I share my experience. Because I care about you all, and want you to remain safe I setup this web site to provide you with the details of what happened to me at BlueMartini. Go to"

blue martini search results
Mark Vasu - Principle Owner of Blue Martini
NOTE: will not talk with me about me being poisoned inside his bar. Will NOT confirm or deny that he is operating a dangerous "lounge".

Local Blue Martini Manager would not talk with me EITHER.

With evidence gathered so far there are grounds to file criminal charges against executives - these people have PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of these criminal acts - they have either participated in these crimes - or they have looked the other way during these crimes - either way they can be arrested. Arrested - Mugshoted - Jailed...before anyone else is poisoned.

Health Smart CEO, Thomas Kelly
source: LinkedIn

Update: 5/26/2016 CEO Thomas Kelly uses profanity laced language in official corporate blog post. Speaks to the profane poisonous corporate culture he "leads".

1/1/2016: Authors blog post titled "Transparency Now!", yet continues his corporate cover-up for Blue Martini.

Health Smart Company web site states the following about Thomas Kelly:

"Tom Kelly joined Health Smart in August 2014. He is also the founder and CEO of Daraja Enterprises. His previous experience includes leading Schaller Anderson, an Aetna company as President and CEO. He was the executive vice president of DaVita and president and CEO of Mercy Health Plans.

His community involvement includes serving on the Boards of Directors of Fidelis Care New York (Vice Chair), Covenant Health System, Welvie LLC (a surgery services management company) and FOCoS Innovations (a SaaS platform for managing long-term supports and services). Mr. Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University and a Master of Science from New York University."

Mark Stadler, Chief Marketing Officer, Health Smart
source: LinkedIn

Mark Stadler of Health Smart has yet to respond to multiple emails seeking comment. What is Mark Stadler hiding from the general public? Is he in on a corporate cover-up of prior knowledge of Blue Martini customers being poisoned - and will continue to be? I don't know but no comments and no replies are indicative of something.

According to the Health Smart web site:

"Mark Stadler joined Health Smart in 2011. As Chief Marketing Officer, he is responsible for expanding into new markets, gaining additional market shares in existing markets and deepening Health Smart’s relationship with existing clients. Mr. Stadler has served in multiple executive sales positions that include Senior Vice President for the U.S. Markets for Great-West Healthcare, Chief Growth Officer of Optum Health, a United Healthcare Company and Chief Sales Officer at American Enterprise Group. Most recently he led sales for Aon Hewitt in Texas and the Central/West regions. Mr. Stadler also brings an extensive background in healthcare consulting, where he spent nearly 18 years with Mercer Human Resource Consulting leading their organization in Chicago and other areas throughout the Midwest. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business from Loyola University of Los Angeles."

This guy is CMO without a Master's Degree. Fits the narrative, Health 'Smart' also has uneducated employees like Brenda Fidalgo giving legal advice with NO degree. (see below)

Health Smart employee Brenda Fidalgo 813-367-3638 | LinkedIn | Very rude and defensive - while I am still suffering the effects of being poisoned inside Blue Martini. Ms. Fidalgo calls to give me "legal" opinions on behalf of Health Smart and Blue Martini - without knowing any facts and without having a law degree. According to her LinkedIn profile this lady has a 2 year Beauty School degree - giving legal opinions. Can Health Smart not afford to hire educated people?
You can't make this stuff up.

source: LinkedIn
Sample Audio #1
("legal" opinions)
Sample Audio #2

(admits prior knowledge of)
Sample Audio #3
(admits prior knowledge of - "THERE IS [sic] MEN DOING IT, THERE IS [sic] WOMEN DOING, IT'S JUST CRAZY")
Sample Audio #4
(AGAIN admits prior knowledge of AND attempts to "justify" poisoning. IT'S "HIPP" to be poisoned - "PUT IT IN ITS PERSPECTIVE" - AS IF POSSIBLE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL)

More Samples Files Coming Soon.

Note: Legally obtained recordings in this case are extremely important. There is not doubt in my mind this woman would have denied she said any of this. This is just a small fraction of the over-all collection of legally obtained recordings in my possession. Thank goodness. Much more will be released soon.

This smirky attitude persisted for the better part of the 15:23 phone call. After this call she proceeds to HARASS me by calling me again and again only to rudely hang up on me multiple times!!!
Let me remind you... I was poisoned, robbed of money, robbed of dignity, robbed of many weeks of work and I lost my job as a result! I was humiliated... YOU'D THINK SHE WAS THE VICTIM!
Health Smart's lawyer expressed no reservations about me documenting and recording her phone call to me - after all of the bizarre and creepy phone calls I have received related to me being poisoned inside Blue Martini Lounge.

Steven Holtzman, Blue Martini's lawyer, by contrast, repeatedly told me by email that I was NOT allowed to record him. And has since threatened me with legal action for exposing this terrible event.

Is he hiding something? Why is he so fearful of being recorded?

Mr. Holtzman just doesn't seem to understand that the more he tries to intimidate me, the harder I will work expose all involved - and the harder I will work to help save another person from being poisoned inside Blue Martini. I refuse to be intimidated. I will die by poisoning - as I almost was inside Blue Martini - before I will be intimidated by this lawyer.
He should apologize to me.

I wonder if Blue Martini has ANYONE who can communicate in a professional and transparent manner.

According to Steven Holtzman's LinkedIn profile he worked as Special Counsel for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Now, apparently, he just defends bars who do not protect customers from being poisoned and MAKE NO EFFORT TO - as seen below:

From: Holtzman, Steven [] Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2016 2:08 PM
To: (Person Who Was Poisoned In Blue Martini)

Subject: Efforts to Discredit Blue Martini
"be aware that you will be held responsible for any libelous statements made against Blue Martini and its representatives. govern yourself accordingly."
Steven Holtzman
3812 Coconut Palm Drive, Suite 200 Tampa, FL 33619

source: LinkedIn
News involving Mr. Holtzman:
Tampa Bay Times "Wanda Hagan Golson accused the Ruden McClosky law firm in Tampa of misleading her clients"

Amy Liga "Blue Martini Corporate Headquarters" 561-820-8071 Hung up on me multiple times when I attempted to warn their corporate offices about dangers faced by the general public when entering Blue Martini.

Marcie Smith 813-367-3643 | "promised" she would help. Has done nothing to help me or help protect you.

Larry Clevinger | 859-254-7945 | LinkedIn | | Notes: Brenda Fidalgo's "supervisor", said he would call me back, but never did.


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